Extra 10% off Starter kit … only until 12 January 2008

Scrapbook Creations No 49 with Stampin’ Up! 10% demonstrator joining discount

Wow! What a great time to join Stampin’ Up! … imagine all those extra stamp sets in your craft box(es)/room! What could you make with them? HEAPS!

In this month’s Scrapbook Creations magazine you will find yet another awesome reason to join Stampin’ Up! … 10% off the Starter Kit! So, just imagine, you fill out all your paperwork and Stampin’ Up! receive it before 12 January 2008 … what will you receive in the post? Well, your Starter Kit, of course! And instead of paying $324.00 for $585 worth of stuff, you will only pay $291.60 PLUS you will receive an extra stamp set up to $79.95. That means for $291.60 you receive Stampin’ Up! gear for $664.95. Wish that had been me when I joined!

If you could pick your $79.95 stamp set (check out the catalogue here ) … what stamp set would you choose?


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