4th Birthday

Four years ago (Sunday) I remember my husband driving us to The SAN Hospital in the wee hours of the morning when I had contractions 4 mins apart and my husband had to stop for McDonalds on the way (!) … at 11.11am our daughter, Isabella, was born.  I always remember the time because of Remembrance Day.

On Sunday it was the first year we didn’t have a party for Bella (both her brothers had parties this year, that was enough!), but it still felt like a party because my mother-in-law, brother and his wife and our next door neighbour and her daughter all visited at the same time.  Everyone got to sing her ‘happy birthday’ and she got to blow out her candles on her ‘cupcake’ cake!

This is the birthday card I made for her (above) and the close up (below) …

In hindsight, I don’t think I should have put the butterflies on … but she loved it!

A little funny story too … when she opened her Uncle Mark & Aunty Nicole’s card she turned to Uncle Mark and said … ‘it’s so pretty … you made it?’  God love her! hehe!

4 thoughts on “4th Birthday

  1. Sounds like my husband… he was discussing hair products with the anesthesiologist while I was ready to kill myself from the pain! Husbands… gotta love em! Cute card- love the pink!

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