A great time to grab a bargain!

Do you like a bargain? I know I do! Well, at the moment, the best bargain I know is the Starter Kit from Stampin’ Up!. It is the bargain of the month. Actually, it’s a bargain until 15 August 2008 (in Australia). Why is it a bargain? Because Stampin’ Up! have a promotion this month with $25 off the Starter Kit. That means you receive over $560 worth of high quality, stamping product and business supplies for only $299.00!!

And if the thought of “joining” niggles your senses please let me assure you, there are NO CATCHES!! If you simply love the idea of grabbing a bargain – then you can grab this bargain and walk away if you want to! The Starter Kit is yours to keep. You do not have to give a bit of the Starter Kit back to Stampin’ Up!, nor do you pay any penalties for walking away. Stampin’ Up! do not have any catches on joining up and purchasing its Starter Kit – that is one of the reasons I think it is such a great company!

Check out the details on the Starter Kit here.

If you like making your own handmade cards, then the benefits of joining Stampin’ Up! are enormous and the list of exciting opportunities truly thrilling! I joined simply to gain the benefit of the discount as a hobby demonstrator and I haven’t looked back.

So, if you’ve ever considered purchasing the Starter Kit and joining Stampin’ Up!, now is the time to revisit that idea and make a decision that could really truly excite you!

Email me today for more information and details of the benefits of joining Stampin’ Up! 🙂

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